Keep an eye out at your local newsstand, drugstore, mini-mart, wherever you buy the upcoming August 2001 issue of GUITAR World, you will notice Jim (4) and Mick (7) from Slipknot pictured front and center on the cover. Accompanying this front page feature is a great article on the band explaining some things you probably never knew before. We'll leave it to GUITAR World's writing to explain...however we will leave you with a quote from the article - "The goat is Iowa." To pass the time until the issue hits the stands (oh, and we will be giving some away here on the site), the folks at GUITAR World were good enough to let us post up the pictures they took of Jim #4 and Mick #7 for their Slipknot feature. Check them out in the Slipknot Photo Gallery. (and as for the 'Slipknot Take Cover - Pt I' story title, the follow up to this will come next week)