The inaugural issue of REVOLVER, what will be known as the world's loudest rock magazine, hits the stands on July 10th with none other than our beloved SLIPKNOT on the cover. Whilst you may not be familiar with REVOLVER yet, we are sure you will become more acquainted with them in the months to come. They are the new boys on the metal block. Chock full of great photos and equally great writing, REVOLVER stands to fill a major gap in heavy metal music coverage. They have shown us lots of love with our Roadrunner/REVOLVER mini-mag (available via Roadrunner street teamers at a show near you - and soon to be given away here on the site) and now it's time to give the love back. So pick up a copy of REVOLVER and find out all about Slipknot's new masks, new music and Cory's favorite porn! On a side note, this magazine is have no idea how wide ranging and classic it truly is...reading this will make one feel an unbridled kid's excitement for matter what your thoughts...this gives such a larger than life feeling...our hats go off to REVOLVER. For some great photos from this mag, check out Slipknot's PHOTO GALLERY.