Yesterday (03/04) was the filming day of Coal Chamber's upcoming video, "Fiend". The video, co-produced by vocalist Dez and Paul Brown, was shot at Universal Studios in California. interesting fact 1: fans who were asked to show up for the video shot were told to enter Universal Studios entrance off of Barham. The code word for security to let the fans in was "I'm with Mr. Pink and Coal Chamber." It's true. Word is that the video went smoothly. "Smoother than most video shoots that I have been in," tells our very own Maria. translation - It must have been extremely smooth, because nobody ever talks about how 'smooth' a video shoot went From what we can tell you, there were two basic scenes to the video: 1 - fans moshing outside of a garage to the song "Fiend". The band jamming in the garage would be Coal Chamber. Rock. interesting fact 2: the garage the fans were moshing outside of was none other than the garage of the Munster's, from the tv show The Munster's (you watch Nick at Night, ja?). 1313 Mockingbird Lane. It's true. The other main scene of the video was a replication of the annual Day Of The Dead festival in Mexico on Halloween. Coal Chamber performing on a stage. The fans in front. Yes, several of you whom attended the shoot, will be in the final video. Thank you. Today Coal Chamber is packing and preparing for the upcoming Jagermeister Tour, which will also feature the likes of Ill Nino and Drowning Pool. These next couple days mark the bands first time back home since starting rehearsals for the upcoming tour back in mid-February. Coal Chamber will be flying out on Thursday (03/07) en route to Florida for the first date of this tour, which happens to be on Friday in Orlando. search our TOUR section for all upcoming dates. new release Dark Days in stores May 7th