So, our fearless Road Crew leader is officially out in LA. He called about an hour ago. MTV's TRL was on the tube, an interview with Hoobastank in the MTV studio was happening. Why do you care? Apparently one of the cats in the band was wearing a Brujeria t-shirt. Brujeria on MTV. Now that's something you don't see everyday... Speaking of Brujeria, Fear Factory's guitarist Dino Cazares tells the following - a Brujeria side project has been formed. The name of the band is Asesino, which means assassin in Spanish. Asesino is actually a character from Brujeria...but you should already know that... Asesino's purpose? To assassinate anyone that gets in Brujeria's way - be it judges, cops, lawyers, whomever...ALSO, word is Asesino will perform a kidnapping here and there for ransom, tis a way to make a few extra bucks. It's true. Does the above sound interesting? Well, most likely come June, Asesino will be releasing an album, titled Cyco Maton, which means 'psycho killer' in Spanish. "Hey Brujo," Dino yells across the room during our phone call as he is explaining the meaning of Cyco Maton...why was that last line just written? No reason, except to make known the fact that Dino was hanging out with the infamous Juan Brujo...that's right, Juan fuckin Brujo!!! (yes, that does deserve an exclamation point, even three) Anyway, the theme behind the upcoming Cyco Maton release is the life of Asesino - with no gory detail omitted, we're sure. Fifteen songs have been written and recorded for this release - Dino on guitar, Fear Factory's Raymond Herrera on drums, and Static X's Tony Campos on vocals. What about the bass, you ask? Dino and Tony took turns on the tracks, as no full time bassist has been lined up as of yet. When and where you can get this release to follow. In the meantime, check out the following link we noticed on Ebay. Why? A chance to bid on one of Dino's custom made guitars, actually played by Dino during Fear Factory's Digimortal tour. By the looks, tis 100% authentic, complete with EMG 707 pick-ups, jumbo frets (and 24 of them), and a fixed bridge with fine tuning. Be a part of history, as all proceeds go to the making of the Asesino record...(that last line is purely speculative on our part)