Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera was interviewed by The Gauntlet recently, and discussed the band's forthcoming eighth studio album, Enslaved, the new bassist and drummer, working with producer Zeuss, and more.

Says Cavalera, "The album came about really quick. I came back from a tour with Cavalera [Conspiracy] and I was sitting at home when my wife came to me and said 'In two weeks you are in the studio. I’m flying in producer Zeuss from Boston and you have two weeks to get ready.' I almost had a heart attack. I said 'I cannot be ready in two weeks. I need more time.' She was like 'You don’t have more time.' I kind of work good with pressure. The first record was similar, I had little time to write the first record. I just decided to write all day long until late at night. I was writing riffs all night long, all day long. I made a compilation of all these riffs and that is what I entered the studio with."

Enslaved marks the debut of bassist Tony Campos (Static-X, Ministry, Asesino) and drummer Dave Kincaid (Borknagar). Max says of the two new members, "I saw some clips of [Dave] playing with Borknagar and it was really brutal. I decided to invite him here to play. We jammed for two days and it was killer. I wrote three songs with him here. I loved the procedure of how he plays, it is very technical and his double bass was perfect for what I had in mind for this record. On top of that, you put Tony, who is a professional bass player with experience in a lot of bands like Asesino, Ministry and Static-X. He has had a lot of experience in the studio, so it was really fun to record with him too. He got really excited to hear my riffs and every time I put out a new riff he got really excited about it. He was really into the music and it made it really easy to make the record with these guys."

Producer Zeuss, who's worked with bands like Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, and Suicide Silence, among many others, helped a great deal in shaping Enslaved. Says Max, "I kind of explained to him that I was coming from my death metal roots, especially on the music. It’s a lot of stuff that I wanted to sound like Morbid Angel, Dark Angel and all these great bands that I used to listen to because I love that kind of style...I wrote a lot of riffs with that in mind, especially 'World Scum,' it is completely death metal oriented and totally rooted in death metal. I feel really proud to be playing that. There is a lot of energy in this music...We went into the studio appreciating each other’s work, we got the best out of each other and made the best record possible."

Enslaved will be available everywhere March 13, but you can pre-order it now and get three digital bonus tracks—and the first 400 orders get a CD booklet autographed by all four members!

Above is footage of Soulfly (with Max's son Zyon guesting on drums) performing the Sepultura classic "Roots Bloody Roots" live in São Paulo, Brazil.