Max Cavalera was interviewed by recently, and he talked about the latest Soulfly album, Enslaved, in some detail, from his initial ideas to the recording process and more. (Above is a video of the band playing "World Scum," the first single from Enslaved, with special guest Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation, who also sang on the album.)

He reveals that he knew from the beginning that he wanted to go in a more extreme direction, saying, "I told [producer] Zeuss I had some death metal ideas for Soulfly like double bass, blast beats, and super heavy riffs. I wanted to continue some of the Soulfly trademarks too though. The catchy choruses needed to be the same as 'Eye for an Eye' and 'Prophecy.' Some of the rhythms we worked on with Marc [Rizzo, guitar] needed to stay the same. I think the album is a combination of all that...We worked very hard to make Enslaved a different record, but I knew it was going to be extreme from the beginning."

He talks about the song "Chains" in particular as a highlight of the album, saying, "It was intended to be the last song on the record, but I switched it with 'Revengeance.' It still has that vibe of an ending. It's like seven minutes long. It builds block by block. It's like building a pyramid. It starts very slow almost like Bolt Thrower. The nickname of the song was 'Bolt Fucker' because the riff sounded like Bolt Thrower [laughs]...It's about slavery. There are parts about the Middle Passage, which was what the ships coming from Africa to America and Brazil crossed. They say the Middle Passage was the worst experience. A lot of times, they would throw slaves in the water with chains and drown them...It's a heavy fucking tune musically and lyrically."

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