Soulfly mainman Max Cavalera was interviewed by RockYourLife when the band was on the road in France. He has a lot to say about the subject matter of the band's latest album, Enslaved; Gojira, whose leader Joe Duplantier played on the first Cavalera Conspiracy record, Inflikted; and much more!

Says Max about the topic of slavery, which consumes him on Enslaved, "you always look at the news, talking about slavery, factories in Mexico, South-East Asia using little kids, kind of hidden slavery that's around the world, I thought it'd be a great topic for the album. It's very unusual; no [metal] bands had touched this topic that's why I felt attracted to it."

He has great praise for Joe Duplantier and Gojira, saying of the band's new album L'Enfant Sauvage, "It's great. I love the record. I love the Gojira stuff, I think they keep the riffing which is very original with them and I really like it like all of their records. I think the new one is exceptional...It was fun having Joe on Cavalera, he's a great guy in studio, we had a lot of fun with him, he did a great job on that record. I think we'll definitely work together in the future."

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Enslaved is available everywhere now - grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!