Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo was recently interviewed by This Is Not A Scene, and he discussed a variety of subjects, from his workout regimen to his guitar technique.

Says Rizzo, "Adding in classical or flamenco guitar parts into your songs is a tricky business, if you don’t do it right it can sound really bad. Even too much acoustic stuff can be a tough sell to audiences. So I think that given this it's hard for some people to get it to fit in and sound good. All the members really listen to different stuff so that’s really where we get some of these interesting sounds. Myself I listened to a lot of Al Di Meola and Paco de Lucia right along with Slayer and Megadeth so it was natural for me to incorporate some of Al and Paco’s style of play into Soulfly. One thing people may notice is that I tend toward harmonic minor scales which is just part of the influences of what I listened to early on."

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Soulfly's latest album, Enslaved, is available now in the Roadrunner webstore.