Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera was recently interviewed by the Australian website when he was in Australia with his other band, Cavalera Conspiracy. He talked about the forthcoming Soulfly album Enslaved, how the new lineup came together, and more.

Says Cavalera, "This new Soulfly album, Enslaved, is its own thing. It's definitely a Soulfly record because all the trademarks are there, but it's probably the most extreme so far. I'm very proud of that. I specifically hand picked death metal orientated riffs and beats, because David Kinkade comes from a death metal school of drumming and he can play that stuff really well...I made those beats and those specific parts with David in mind, so the new Soulfly album could be the most extreme we have ever written. I mean, take "World Scum" for example. That's probably the most extreme song that I've ever done and I'm very happy that's the first single. It announces the record in a great way, it's so heavy and so brutal. It's like 'YES! We're back with a vengeance.'

Regarding the selection of new bassist Tony Campos and new drummer David Kinkade, he says, "Tony is a guy I was in contact with during a Static-X tour with Soulfly a couple of years ago. Tony used to come sing with us all the time doing backing vocals and he is a really cool guy. I saw Tony perform with Prong and I knew he was playing with Ministry as well. I thought he’d be a great bass player to have on the record and I approached him and asked if he’d like to be apart of the new Soulfly lineup and he loved the idea. From the beginning, he liked the idea of being in the band and accepted pretty much straight away...David was a little different. David came in contact with me via email. He said he was an extreme death metal drummer and played with a Norwegian black metal band called Borknagar. He sent me over some tracks and they sounded killer. Blast beats and stuff like that. At the time I thought I’d really like to try something really brutal for the new record. I originally had the idea to make an extreme kind of record, so I flew David to jam with me in Phoenix, Arizona. As soon as we started jamming we locked in perfectly. He played the double bass while I played a couple of the riffs and I thought we were on the same page. So perfect."

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