Dirty Impound recently called out Soulfly's latest album and 7th studio effort Omen as one of their albums of the week, and in their full-fledged review of the killer album, it's pretty easy to see why.

Writes Dirty Impound, "Ah, such undiluted, masterfully wrestled aggression! Brazil’s greatest gift to metal Max Cavalera has kept things at nigh cartoon levels — Soulfly are Dethklok’s clearest touchstone – since 1997 and Omen (released May 25) shows no signs of wearying anytime soon. The grinding, switchback fast music is so dense and relentless, with one fascinating exception (the Satriani/Vai honoring instrumental Soulfly VII), that it overrides one’s instinctive urge to chuckle at a chorus like “Bloodbath & beyond!” One suspects metal’s innate humor isn’t lost on Cavalera, whose band credit reads, “Vocals, 4-strings, soul, sitar, lyrical terrorism.” The tone is pretty apocalyptic on Omen but an honest assessment of the world’s present state doesn’t exactly inspire rainbows & ponies. Unlike metal’s many growlers and grumblers, Cavalera actually enunciates and keeps the vocals riding atop the power kick drum fueled haze. Sandblasting vocal cameos from Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato (Rise of the Fallen) and Prong’s Tommy Victor (Lethal Injection) are highlights, but this is Max’s show and we’re glad to take his latest blows to the head."

See what they mean with the official video for "Rise of the Fallen" below, and/or by picking up your copy of the crushing album right here. For more insight into the album, see what Max himself had to say even further below.