Since 1997, Soulfly have been incorporating a variety of influences into their heavy sonic output, and their brand new offering Omen is no exception. Though not as affluent in tribal beats and exotic sounds as some earlier Soulfly records, this seventh studio offering sees a more stripped-down, straight-forward metallic onslaught. But don't take our word for it, here's what the critics have to say:

Sphere Magazine writes, "Soulfly have stepped up the game that they have grounded since 1998. They have managed to branch out from the roots that were planted and grow those extra branches, making a newer and far richer sound. 'Omen' has incorporated everything that we love so much about Max and the gang and yet, it sees them broadening their horizons in a way that might surprise long-time listeners. The addition of a lot more classic solos and cross-genre sounds such as thrash-metal and hardcore have rounded the edges and given this album a royal kick up the backside." contends, "Omen is ready to burst from the gates and into your ears. Don’t expect Conquer, which was heavily Egyptian. Don’t expect the heavily Brazilian Primitive. As a matter of fact, don’t even expect Prophecy-like subtlety. Don’t expect much seasoning. This is thrashy-crustpunky-grindy-death-tinged metal. That’s the best I can do (good luck pronouncing that). Oh and Rizzo? His best work to date. My goodness that man can wail... If you’re a fan of good metal in general, pick this up."

Seaoftranquility writes, "There are no signs of toning their aggression down, as Soulfly release their rage on this newest recording. Max's vocals are as potent as ever and guitarist Marc Rizzo's playing is as phenomenal as ever, all four members united Soulfly has one choice line-up. The band wastes no time as they explode on the very good "Bloodbath & Beyond", the solo is one of the many crackers on Omen, before the groove of "Rise Of The Fallen" kicks in, with Greg Puciato(The Dillinger Escape Plan) lending his voice to this addictive song, which will most probably be one of the favorites for many. "Lethal Injection" has Tommy Victor (Prong) adding his voice and "Kingdom" is guaranteed to get heads banging."

Themetalminute blog proposes, "Soulfly is now in sound one of the angriest bands on the planet and Omen is as fast and mean as you’ll want from Max and company. “Vulture Culture,” “Mega-Doom,” Counter Sabotage” and “Great Depression” are unapologetic throwbacks to the Beneath the Remains and Arise-era blitzkriegs. The difference here is Max’s sidearm shredder Marc Rizzo’s melodic fret-splashing is far different from Andreas Kisser, not that either man needs comparison. Both weave tapestries overtop Max’s rhythmic riff chugs, albeit Marc Rizzo has become talk of the town these days... Omen, like Dark Ages and Conquer, reaches spectacular dynamics because of Rizzo’s gorgeous combination of salsa and neoclassicism which he translates into static shocks of wonderment." sums it up, writing, "Probably the best song on the album, as well as one of the better collaborations Cavalera has ever done, comes on the song “Lethal Injection”. This song, where vocals are split with Prong mainman Tommy Victor, has a seriously addictive vibe to it as heavy music goes. Victor, for his part, is the perfect tag team partner for Cavalera on this track. In the end though, it's not the guests that make OMEN, it's Cavalera and guitarist Marc Rizzo. Rizzo may be the single most under appreciated guitarist in heavy music. His riffs are absolutely cutting, not only from the level of bombast he packs into each riff, but because of the razor-like slashing he does throughout songs. Hearing him on “Jeffrey Dahmer” as an example, he switched from lethal riffing to an almost Malmsteen-like arpeggio solo that, somehow, fits perfectly in the middlle of the song. Combined with Cavalera's brutality on the mic and his equally impressive rhythm playing, and you can easily see why this combo works so well."

Just released today, May 25th, get your copy of the brand new killer album RIGHT HERE, right now!