The first video from Soulfly's upcoming album Enslaved made its world premiere today on, and we've got stills from behind the scenes for you to check out!

The video was conceptualized by Max Cavalera and video director Thomas Mignone (Mudvayne, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Morbid Angel) and produced through his production company DOOM Incorporated. Mignone filmed the video in and around Los Angeles. Various scenes depicting humanity's perspectives of some of the world's significant historical events  - such as the attack on the Russian Czar by nihilists, the mass production of Zyklon B poisons, the Gulag prisons, the assassination of the president, and a final showdown between Jesus and the Anti-christ - are seen and reflected in the song's lyrics. The cinematography is by Peter Leininger; the special efx makeup is by Maggie Hunter, the production design is by Hanna Dryland, and digital compositing & post-production is by editor/visual efx artist Christopher Neil.

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