Nickelback is currently finishing up the recording of their upcoming LP titled Silver Side Up. In fact, A&R here tells that the recording (Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver with producer Rick Parashar) should be completed come this Friday (06/08)! As they have been doing throughout the summer, the boys from Nickelback have been taking time here and there to break from recording and play a radio show or two. This past weekend holds that statement true. In a town called Biloxi, MS (that's Mississippi y'all), Nickelback played the WCPR Festival at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on June 2nd. Joining them for their show this past weekend was none other than Roadrunner's Creative Director, Lynda. And her major purpose for joining the band on such a fine Summer weekend? To grab some new photos to use in the artwork for an upcoming Nickelback cd pro. Yes, in the works right now is a cd pro (used for radio) for their upcoming track "How You Remind Me". This piece should be ready come the first week in July, meaning that your first chance to hear the new track will be shortly thereafter. As Lynda tells, "The band was awesome, even in the unbearable heat and humidity." Regardless of the brutal weather that unaccustomed Yankees aren't used to, her mission was accomplished - and she, along with Nickelback and friends, even found time to enjoy a good ole fashioned home cooked Southern dinner which included bacon and beans, ham and dried brisket, potato salad, and seafood gumbo. But of course! Nonetheless, keep your eyes peeled for some new Nickelback photos upcoming and release of a new song in the upcoming month.