Some random shit for you from the Roadrunner files this most fine Tuesday afternoon: Sepultura: You all know that Sepultura's last concert EVER with Max Cavalera (December 16, 1996 at Brixton Academy in London) will be released in its entirety, double live cd, come September 17th. Under a Pale Grey Sky is the title of this beast. So, what exactly is in a name? The title Under a Pale Grey Sky comes directly from Max Cavalera himself, it is in reference to a classic line from the chorus of the song 'Arise' - "Under a pale gray sky we shall arise". In the title, notice we spell the word "Gray" as "Grey"...that, my friends, is in honour of the UK punters who were at this historic show (as is the spelling of 'honour'). Now you know, fully. Nickelback: Speaking of titles, the title of this update, "Speaking Of News", comes from Kirsten in our UK office. In an email sent this morning, she wrote, "Speaking of news, we went double platinum on Nickelback on Friday if you are having a slow news day." Well Kirsten, not a slow news day, but a feat which should be recognised (spelled just like you would). Double platinum, a first for Roadrunner UK, ja? Congratulations to both Nickelback and to the dutiful employees of the Roadrunner UK office...and of course, to the fans. Soulfly - Back to the Max Cavalera front, we throw you a bit about Soulfly. Soulfly's "Seek 'N' Strike" video has been added to MTV's EXTREME ROCK SHOW. It will begin airing next week. Air dates to follow. Before that, the video will be featured online come Friday in our VIDEO section. Y'all be sure to check back now, ya hear? 36 Crazyfists - This 36 Crazyfists update is to be filed under the Did You Know? log. Did You Know? The official state sport of Alaska is dog mushing. True. The Alaska Legislature adopted it in 1972. 36 Crazyfists most recently had to cut their U.S. tour run with Candiria short. The band is back home in Alaska for the time being, with hopes of getting back out on the road in a couple weeks. Did You Know? When questioned earlier today, 36 Crazyfists drummer Thomas Noonan had no idea dog mushing was Alaska's official state sport. True. Ill Nino: Moving along, where do we find Ill Nino today? In Boston. Playing Ozzfest. BK, producer of the Ill Nino Limelight Package (see Ill Nino VIDEO section), saw today's show. "Ill Nino just killed it...just killed...they fuckin' killed it," enthused BK during a 45 second phone call after the band's set. Rock. For those of you going to Ozzfest, be sure to check out Ill Nino's set. And be sure to check out Ill Nino hangin' at the FYE booth after their set...tell 'em Malibu Lou sent ya...tell Roger you are anxiously awaiting the next installment of Mr.Roger's Return To The Hood. On another note, if at the Boston show today, you'll notice that Laz (bass) was not present, that Jardel handled the bass duties, and that Ill Nino's last song of the day was dedicated to Laz's recently departed nephew. Our best wishes go out to Laz and his family. God bless.