Killswitch Engage kicked off their first headlining tour for their 2009 self-titled album near their hometown in Boston, Massachusetts last week, and Spin Magazine was on hand to write up a review.

No strangers to cracking some jokes, Killswitch commanded the crowd with laughs. Writes the reviewer, "Any band whose name loosely translates to "Turn it off" either has a keen sense of humor or is hopelessly clueless. Killswitch Engage demonstrated the former Thursday night by kicking off their first headlining show at Boston's House Of Blues with the thumping electronic belches of Yello's "Oh Yeah," the eternal soundtrack to foiling high school principals.

So even before they played a note, it was clear that the Western Massachusetts band wasn't especially interested in hewing to the model of heavy metal as a serious calling.

In fact, singer Howard Jones violated a seemingly ironclad law of metal by good-naturedly mocking his audience when he called out, "Make some noise, white people!" And then, once the white people had complied, added, "It's funny because I'm black.""

To catch more of Killswitch's on-stage hi-jinx, don't miss the band on tour now. Go here for a full list of dates.