The Current Chapter of Spineshank Spineshank is still out on the road in support of their latest release, The Height Of Callousness. Currently, they are on the road with Disturbed, and will be up until May 11th. The rest of their summer fills out as follows - after the Disturbed tour it is onto doing a couple radio shows. Come May 20th, the boys will be joining up with Fear Factory on the road for a month's worth of dates. Then, they hit the road on their own starting sometime mid-June before hitting the second 1/2 of Ozzfest 2001 in mid-July. Make sense? Good! And now that you have that under your belt, here are 20 questions for Spineshank that were sent in by YOU - all questions have been answered personally by Spineshank's drummer Tommy Decker. The questions are in no particular order (some of the later ones are personal favorites), so make sure to read them all...Enjoy. Thanks to Tommy for the answers, and thanks to YOU all for the questions. 1 - from slacker jesus Question - Your drummer Tommy Decker wrote a lot of the lyrics for your 2 albums. I was wondering if Tommy was ever planning to come out front and sing? Also, will Jonny ever take over complete control of the lyrics? Answer - If I ever tried to sing, the world would be a much, much worse place...I think I'll stick to hitting things! As for Jonny taking complete charge of the lyrics, I seriously doubt it. I have too much to say to just sit back and not say it. 2 - from Mike Question - Hey guys, First off I would like to say that The Height Of Callousness blew me away. My question is - What did you guys try and do differently on the new album as opposed to the first one? Any different approaches? Thanks for all the great music. Answer - We took a totally different approach, we didnt let anyone tell us what we needed to sound like. We followed our instincts, we didn't try to fit in with all the other it or hate it, this IS Spineshank. 3 - from Jarrett Question - What's up Spineshank? You did a cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on your first release Strictly Diesel. I was wondering, as a fan, if the band as a whole are more influenced by bands like Phish and The Doors or, are Spineshank more influenced by metal legends such as Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera? Your music is extremely heavy, yet very melodic and catchy-like. So, I was wondering just if Spineshank was more influenced by the heaviness or the melodics... Answer - Thanks a lot! We listen to a lot of stuff, Phish not being one of them ....I think that band is horrible!!! We listen to a lot of Beatles, Sabbath, Zep and then we also love stuff like Pantera, Slayer, and Slipknot. I think we just try to write good songs. The problem is that we're always so pissed off that all the anger comes out in the music. 4 - from Ztane Question - Heyyo,I have listened to you guys for a couple of years now. I remember the first time I heard you guys-- the heavy riffs of "Stain (Start the Machine)" echoed through my ears. Anyway, I noticed that the sounds from your first CD Strictly Diesel was more heavy than The Height of Callousness, which had more of a odd-sound effects & screams in. Did you guys just have a mood change when writing your music for the second CD? Answer - Thanks alot! See I trip out whenever anyone says that Diesel was heavier than H.O.C.. I think the new cd is much more extreme in every way, from the hooks and electronics and especially the heaviness of the songs. We finally learned how to put our emotions into the music, nothing is fake about this cd. 5 - from Dan M Question - Hey, I'm Dan and I love you guys! I saw you guys in Norfolk VA and met you all. I have two simple questions - What do you guys enjoy more, touring with some newer bands as headliners, or touring underneath legends, like you did with Fear Factory or Type O Negative? And, do you learn from all the bands you tour with? Thanks! Answer - hey Dan, we just love to tour and we have fun with almost all the bands we tour with, but i think it's better to open for a more established band so we can get our music heard. Plus, there are a lot less headaches when you're a support act. But as long as there is a place to play, I'll play!!! 6 - from Anthony N Question - Spineshank, My name is Anthony N and I live in Gilbert, Az. My question is - "What is your favorite city/state or venue to play in?" Hope you can answer it and im looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix. Later! Answer - I don't know if I coud really pinpoint 1 place that's a favorite, there are so many....Detroit is crazy. Denver. Madison, WI. Pittsburgh... there's too many to mention...every city has kids that really care and they show it!!! 7 - from Eric, Colorado Springs Question - Hey guys, How did u come up with the name Spineshank, and was there any reason for the name? I was just curious, I like the name. Answer - It came from being backstabbed for a couple of years, the name has already outlived its meaning just sounded cool 8 - from KHOBAM Question - Jonny, did Jay Gordan from Orgy give you voice lessons? And if so, how did that come to be?? Answer - No, Jay never gave Jonny any lessons. He was around a lot when we did our first record....Orgy gave us a lot of advice and help, especially in the begining...they have been really amazing to us. 9 - from Salomon G Question - I wanted to ask you guys since you are kind of a young band, about getting in the music industry. I'm not trying to brag at all, but I think I really have the potential to "make it." What advice could you give me? Could getting a deal be as simple as sending a good demo that the company likes, and play a show for them? Could it happen that easily? I would really love advice from insiders. Love your latest record by the way! Answer - This is a really weird biz - it could be that easy, but there are a lot of things that have to fall into place...there is a lot of being in the right place at the right time and a lot of luck involved. My advice would be - stay true to the music you want to play and stick with it. There are a lot of great bands that never "make it" cuz they give up. 10 - from DeAnna A Question - Who were some of your major influences while growing up and forming a metal band?? Answer - I was a total cheeseball, I loved Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Ratt and WASP growing up. Then bands like Slayer, Sepultura, and Pantera were the next step. Now I'm all about Weezer and Faith No More. But, all those bands are still some of my faves. 11) - from Bibis73 Question - You guys seem to have gone through some tough times in your lives, and lived through it and survived. so based on your experiences, what message would you pass along to anyone who may be going through the same shit you guys did? Answer - Everybody goes through shit in their lives the key is to learn from it and beat it!!! Things always get better, I should start a seminar huh? 12 - from Paul C Question - Apart from "Perfect Ending" and "Full Circle", were there any other songs recorded during The Height of Callousness sessions that didn't make the final cut for the record? Answer - Yeah, we recorded a lot of songs that didn't make it, some never even got finished. They might show up somewhere some day, when we get a chance to finish them 13 - from Gebel C. Question - Are there any dates planned for Germany? Answer - Not yet, we will be in the US until Sept. But after that we should hit Europe. 14 - from fan4 Question - My question is in the first seemed lie you followed fear factory but made it more industrial...the new album i feel is more electornical..where do you see you music going for the next album when it's time? Answer - I actually don't think we ever followed or even sounded anything like FF, it was more the fact that they helped us so much that brought on all the comparisons. Our music is going to keep evlolving, more electronics, more melody, and above all, more heaviness!!! 15 - from Dylan Question - Being in a band myself and trying to get our name out there, how did you guys break out into the mainstream rock ciruit? And, how do the guys who do vocals maintain their voices while on the road? Answer - I would suggest making cds and giving them to everyone. It cost a lot of money, but it gets your name out. Also, take advantage of things like napster - it's a perfect way to get heard. As for the vocals, Spineshank is one of the most unhealthy bands out there. The way we keep our voices in shape is lots of drinking, smoking, and crappy food. We live wrong! 16 - from Nick Question - Sup, you guys are awesome and i would totally love to see you on tour if only i could (i live in CT) So... what's your next step after you're done touring? Probably taking a big-ass break, but have you written any new material, or planning on it? Answer - Fuck a break!!! We have started writing some stuff, but as soon as we are done touring we will start writing more extensively. We love playing music so a break for longer than a week would be too much!!! 17 - from Habib Question - Do you ever plan on Re-releasing the track "Novocaine" from your 1996 demo tape? Answer - We have been talking about re-working it and releasing it maybe in mp3 form, but who knows? We like to look towards the future, not the past. 18 - from Dan D Question - Tommy, what is your favorite Weezer song? Answer - God!!!! I don't know! Anything on Pinkerton is awesome, and there is a song on the new cd called "Photograph" that I cant stop listening to. The new cd is really, really good. 19 - from AOD Question - Hey guys, great music! Ok now, here is my question - How long have you guys been together and how many songs have you made that you haven't used? Answer - Spineshank officially got together in Feb of 96, but some of us have been together since 1988!!! We've probably thrown over 100 songs away, we get really picky sometimes. 20 - from Kevin F Question - First, I'd just like to say how much I've enjoyed The Height of Callousness. I haven't stopped listening to it since I bought it. Now my question: Are the lyrics from the songs on Height of Callousness a venting of any band members' feelings, or do they hold some other meaning? Answer - The whole cd is the emotions we had built up for the past 3 years, it was a huge venting session.....eveyone felt better after the cd was done. 21 - Rebecca W Question - I bought The Height of Callousness after only hearing it once. The lyrics of Tommy Decker's songs really caught my eye. My best friend even said, "Shit, did you write these songs?" I agreed that they do sound like my poems, and I just wanted to say that I like what you've put into this album. I've always wanted to convert my poems into songs, and hearing this CD was like hearing part of myself. I was just wondering if Tommy keeps a journal of all his works, and what is his inspiration behind his words? I especially liked what he wrote inside the cover sheet. Great job to the entire band. Your sound feels like the pandemonium in my mind. Answer - Thanx a lot! I was very nervous to show these lyrics to anyone in the band much less everyone in the world!!! I just had a year where i felt worthless. I was questioning who I was as a person and the choices I made in life. By writing these songs it helped me through all the bullshit. I am very glad that they connected with you.