Since the release of Spineshank's The Height Of Callousness on October of 2000, the band has been on the road. Well, you had the chance to earn the fruits of their labor through two previous contests here on the site. First, the winners of the Spineshank Road Kit contest. The answer to the question was Burton Bell (in response to who did a guest vocal appearance on Spineshank's first release, Strictly Diesel). The five winners picked at random were Brian P (Nevada), Mike M (Kansas), Joe T (Indiana), Roman C (Arizona), and Rich A (Pennsylvania). Each of you will be receiving a drumstick, drumhead, set list, and 8x10 pic of the band - all autographed, all authentic and used in actual shows (except for the pic of course). Keep an eye out in the mail. As for the winner of the PHONE CALL FROM SPINESHANK contest, that was Adam C from Kansas. His interpretation of "The Height Of Callousness", which the band hand picked, was as follows - I feel like the Height Of Callousness is when all of your anger, sadness, and rage get so powerful that you stop feeling anything. Everything that is feeling becomes non-existent. The Height Of Callousness is the point at which you are completely numb. WOW! Congrats Adam. As Adam tells us, he already received that call. Adam, keep an eye on the mail for the jacket and a couple other surprises.