On the Spineshank tour front, loads of activity have been happening for a long time. Well, that list just got longer. Spineshank, currently working on a headline tour with labelmates Chimaira and Ill Nino, will be cutting their run short as they will be joining Ozzfest 2001 2 weeks earlier than planned. Originally scheduled to start Ozzfest on July 14th in Florida, they will now be joining the tour on June 30th - in their hometown of LA. During these new found dates, they will be playing the 3rd stage, showtime to be at 2:00 each day. Starting with the Florida date on July 14th, and continuing for the rest of Ozzfest, Spineshank will be on the second stage, showtime to take place at noon each day. And as for the 7 dates (07/01 thru 07/10) they will now be missing of their own tour? They will still happen, just without Spineshank. Chimaira, Ill Nino, Sw1tched, and company will still follow through with those shows. As Frankie says, On With The Show! See TOUR section for full details.