Spineshank has been back in the United States for a bit less than 2 months now since their first tour of the UK. What have they made of their time? Since their return, they have basically checked themselves into a rehearsal studio at an undisclosed location in LA, and set it up with a pro-tools recording system. What is pro-tools? in a nutshell it's state of the art recording equipment used in about 99% of the recording studios in the world - by the way, don't ask where that percentage came from, it could be way off...it is just there to prove a point... They have been practically "living in the rehearsal room" for the past three weeks - word is they only go home to sleep. Word is also they are working on a 6 day/week schedule, most likely sleeping in on Sundays. They have been writing, recording rough songs and rough ideas of songs. Kevin Estrada, their A&R Rep here at Roadrunner, tells they have about 4-5 solid tracks down without vocals. This week they are throwing around harmony ideas for those tracks. "They are so into the music right now. I've never seen them so dedicated. It's amazing," Kevin proudly informs. No recording timetable has been set, and The Production Gospel According To Dave was unavailable for comment. Onward and Upward...more to come... In other Spineshank news, you can catch music from their The Height Of Callousness release on the upcoming Sony PlayStation 2 game Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder, brought to you by the makers of the Cool Boarders series and the Tony Hawk series. The track "New Disease" is featured in the game, and you can catch a preview of it online HERE ("New Disease" can be heard on the Movie 3 demo). The game is due out next Tuesday (11/13). special thanks to Nick Buegel for emailing us with the game info above. The Height Of Callousness digipak with bonus tracks/b-sides in stores now