Did you read the previous news story? The one about the latest tour news on Chimaira and Ill Nino? Well, yet another change! Let's trace the Spineshank debut date on this year's Ozzfest - * originally slated to start the tour on July 14th. * then came the good news they would be starting 2 weeks earlier, on June 30th in LA * then that start date was pushed back to July 3rd in (don't mess with) Texas...and that was the last we reported! Well, the wacky ways of the road continue - due to 'circumstances', Spineshank did indeed hit Ozzfest this past weekend, June 30th in their hometown of LA. And yes, we can say with most full certainty that they will be performing on Ozzfest for the rest of its run this summer! A special thanks goes out to Nick "App" Buegel, for dropping us a line and telling us about the show. In fact, this is what he had to say - "You guys were wrong. They were at Ozzfest today (The 30th) and were totally awesome. They brought along Mark Hunter from Chimaira too. He joined them for Synthetic and then the end of The Height of Callousness. They were just majorly awesome. They had the biggest draw of any of the second and third stage bands and the pit was heavy. Great job out to Jonny and everyone for making it an awesome day." This is the word of Nick...onward and upward