Right now in Soulfly camp, the band is getting ready for a five date Australian tour which starts this Friday (12/06). Most recently, however, it was Max at the Crossing Borders Festival. Huh? It was less than a month ago, November 9th, 2002 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Crossing Borders Festival is widely known as one of the largest spoken word festivals in Europe...in combination with music, literature, and film. This year, Max made a spoken word appearance. What you are about to listen to is Max on that evening - over 30 minutes of him describing his tale in music. Very fascinating, actually - from his first interest in music, his first guitar, first tour, how Sepultura got signed, recording of the first album, and more - everything, actually...very personal, very detailed, and all from the mouth of Max. For a RealAudio stream, click HERE. Enjoy.