You know, we've put out a lot of records over the years, and in the process we've taken chances on lots of young bands that, for some reason, kinda slipped under the radar. So for this week's Friday Spotify playlist, we're re-introducing you to 10 bands whose music you may have forgotten about, or never heard in the first place. Enjoy!

The list:

Taking Dawn, "Like a Revolution" (from Time to Burn)
Baptized in Blood, "Mental" (from Baptized in Blood)
Still Remains, "The Worst is Yet to Come" (from Of Love and Lunacy)
Sanctity, "Zeppo" (from Road to Bloodshed)
CKY, "Plagued by Images" (from Carver City)
Five Pointe O, "Breathe Machine" (from Untitled)
Hail the Villain, "Try Hating the World" (from Population: Declining)
Billy Talent, "Turn Your Back" (from Billy Talent III)
Doubledrive, "Freightrain" (from Blue in the Face)
3 Inches of Blood, "The Goatriders Horde" (from Fire Up the Blades)

Listen now!