Metal is all about traditions, rituals and rules. You don't got to a show wearing the T-shirt of the band you're seeing (exceptions: Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Motörhead). You pick people up when they fall in the pit. And if you're in a band and want your song to kick ass, you give it a title that follows the "[X] of [Y]" formula.

Think about it for a minute, and you'll see it's true. There have been literally hundreds of ass-kicking, skull-crushing metal songs that use that title formulation, especially in the more extreme realms of death metal, hardcore, and thrash. And we've compiled some of our favorites, from many of the best-known Roadrunner acts, for a very special Friday Spotify playlist.

Enjoy the following 20 killer tracks:

Sepultura, "Troops of Doom"
Deicide, "Lunatic of God's Creation"
Suffocation, "Depths of Depravity"
Pestilence, "Echoes of Death"
Malevolent Creation, "Slaughter of Innocence"
Mercyful Fate, "Desecration of Souls"
Exhorder, "Legions of Death"
Obituary, "Cause of Death"
Slipknot, "Pulse of the Maggots"
Machine Head, "Aesthetics of Hate"
Megadeth, "Gears of War"
Trivium, "Master of Puppets"
Killswitch Engage, "Rose of Sharyn"
Fear Factory, "Machines of Hate"
Nailbomb, "World of Shit"
Madball, "Ball of Destruction"
Biohazard, "Shades of Grey"
Chimaira, "The Impossibility of Reason"
Soulfly, "Sangue de Bairro"
Opeth, "Ghost of Perdition"

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