Doug Stanhope was interviewed by the website This Is Bristol to promote his current UK tour; he's playing the Bristol Hippodrome on Sunday. In the piece, he talks about coming up with material, how he writes, and more.

Says Doug, "I'm not political at all. If I had to write a joke about Mitt Romney right now I'd need to hire someone to do it. I guess I talk about social relevance to some extent. I talk about anything that I can talk about or that's new to talk about. After 21 years it gets harder to find something new. I've talked about everything that I'm passionate about, I've squeezed out everything I'm semi-passionate about and now it's like throwing coins at a window."

He continues, "I write a little every day and try and add a new spin. By the end of the seven-week tour I'll either be stabbing myself in the eye with a grapefruit spoon, the one with the serrated edges, or I'll have a brand new hour of genius. I'm secretly thinking it'll go the grapefruit way."

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Doug's latest album, Before Turning the Gun On Himself, is available digitally now; click here to get it on iTunes!