Doug Stanhope recently gave an interview to the Des Moines Register, where he discusses subjects like performing in rock clubs vs. performing in comedy clubs; life on the road; and the recent controversies surrounding comedians like Daniel Tosh and Wayne Brady, who've shocked some people with their jokes. But because it's a daily newspaper, and can't print some of Doug's favorite words, they've adjusted his quotes in a hilarious manner which we won't spoil.

Says Doug about playing rock venues, "The energy is always higher and usually there’s a lot more chaos. People aren’t sitting at a table with a candle on it enjoying a nice array of deep-fried appetizers."

Regarding "controversial" jokes, he says, "I think it’s great. Stand-up comedians usually have to set themselves on fire before someone will even look at them...I won’t say anything I don’t believe in, or at least think is very funny. I don’t think there’s any subject I wouldn’t talk about. That’s my kind of comedy, the darker, the better...It's free publicity. We don’t get in trouble, we get press. If you call money trouble, then get me in more trouble, please."

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