Doug Stanhope was recently interviewed by Columbus Alive (he's on the road, you know), and he discussed a variety of subjects, but one that kept coming up was alcohol and how it impacts his performances and his style.

Says Stanhope, "I haven’t really set out to create a style. It just came out of, well mostly from drinking. Alcohol is almost the Abbott to my Costello. We’re almost a duo act—I wouldn’t want to see my act without it. My act sober would be fucking horrifying. So if there is a style, it would be a drunk guy railing at the end of the bar, staring at CNN."

He says he doesn't like the term "functioning alcoholic," which "I think is bullshit. Then I came up with the term 'thriving alcoholic,' and that’s closer to being on the nose. I love a good drunk. Ron White is such a fantastic drunk. Can you imagine seeing Dean Martin on Intervention? No. He was really good at it. Hunter S. Thompson being sat down by his friends and family with dumb lists of how he’s hurt them? 'You were never there as a father. You were out blasting snowmen with your .357.'"

Read the whole thing! Then find a show near you!