Doug Stanhope, who's currently on the road in the UK, was asked by the British music magazine Q to talk about music. He had quite a bit to say, but musicians hoping to find the raucous comedian "on their side" (he is the only non-musician on Roadrunner, after all) may be surprised.

Says Stanhope, "We can talk about music, but you're going to be sadly disappointed because I don't like music. I don't listen to it much. I did just load up an iPod with Count Basie and Duke Ellington because I feel music should always be background. I don't want to listen to music as a thing to do. I like it as a soundtrack to whatever you're doing, non-intrusive, so the stuff I listen to is so random and weird.

"People who are grandstanding in music and saying, 'What we're trying to do in this album'... Well, make your lyrics decipherable, you fucking assholes! I feel if you want to make a statement, make a statement. Don't hide it in art. People are too dumb to get it. People aren't reading the liner notes. If you have something to say, say it. That's what I love about comedy, if I have a statement I'll say it and then throw a fist-fuck joke in at the end so it fits under the umbrella of comedy. I don't just hope people find the message in my art."

There's more, of course, and he also tackles the difference between comedians and songwriters quite memorably on his latest release, Before Turning the Gun On Himself..., which is available digitally right now. You should get it.