Doug Stanhope, the ferociously honest and outrageously uninhibited comedian, has digitally released Before Turning The Gun On Himself today. The album is available through iTunes. The live companion DVD will be out at a later date. See the full track listing below and listen to “Dr. Drew is to Medicine what David Blaine Is To Science” above.

Recorded in Salt Lake City, UT at The Complex on July 19, 2011, this is the follow up to the widely lauded Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere which upon release May 3, 2011 was #1 on the comedy charts and #2 on the Billboard Heatseeker chart.

Stanhope had a breakout year in 2011, garnered praise from fellow comedians from Sarah Silverman to Ricky Gervais (who says that Doug “might be the most important stand up working today”) to Louis C.K.  Stanhope was featured in C.K.’s FX show Louie in season 2, episode 9 entitled “Eddie” where he earned rave reviews for a character Louie wrote specifically for Doug. Read the New York Magazine review here.

Stanhope has been featured on The Howard Stern Show, Comedy Central Presents, Showtime’s The Green Room With Paul Provenza, The Man Show and Fox’s Stossel and has made several appearances on various BBC shows. Stanhope was also featured in the controversial film The Aristocrats alongside George Carlin, Don Rickles and Chris Rock, to name a few.

Before Turning the Gun on Himself track listing:

1. Hangover

2. Dr. Drew is to Medicine what David Blaine is to Science

3. AA is a Poorly-Constructed Cult and Doesn't Work

4. Just Move

5. My Piss Stinks

6. Simple Man

7. Keynesian Economic Theory as Applied to Private-Sector Independent Contracting

8. Giant Black Cock

9. It's a Party, Not Daycare, Asshole

10. Bisbee Thrill Ride

11. Art & the Unfortunate State of the Japanese Undercarriage

12. Remember When I Used to Give a Shit?/Killer Closer