Having been followed around with a camera while touring the world and working on his solo album for the documentary Insurgentes, Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson is pretty comfortable on-screen to the untrained eye. But as we sit him down in the iconic red seats of New York City's Radio City Music Hall with cameras rolling to discuss the film (which had its first screening that same week) Wilson discusses how he still gets nervous before being in the spotlight, and how "it's very hard to watch yourself on film... "

See what else he had to say about Insurgentes, from went into the making of it, to the wide world of film and the ever-changing state of the music industry -- which is one of the main themes of the beautifully shot documentary -- in the video below.

Porcupine Tree played a special show at Radio City Music Hall on September 23rd to mark their lengthy career thus far. See some footage of the band preparing for the event here, and catch up with Steven on how they decided to put this and the accompanying show at London's famed Royal Albert Hall into motion here.