We've just made Still Remains' The Serpent E-Card live! Go HERE to snakify your desktop, turn your IM program all scaly, and discover how you can slither your way into the band's shows at the Warped Tour. 

Do you think you can create your own video, huh? Let's let Still Remains and your friends be the judge of that!

Still Remains want YOU, that's right YOU, to create their first video for The Serpent. Just follow the easy instructions below and get going!

Contest ends 7/30.

1. Beginning today, go to www.roadrun.com/freeshit/ to download the FREE mp3 for 'The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room,' the band's logo and cover art.

2. Go to www.youtube.com/stillremains and subscribe to the band's new and improved YouTube page where you'll be directed to the contest page with instructions on how to upload your video.