Ya know, one could say - and would probably be more correct than not - that if it wasn't for King Diamond (back then in Mercyful Fate), Roadrunner Records would have never expanded to the U.S. Of course, you never know what still might have happened had the King never came along...but this man was basically the first signing to Roadrunner Records back when founded in Amsterdam in the early eighties. Due in large part to its success (Mercyful Fate), Roadrunner expanded and opened an office in the U.S. (NYC) come 1986. All hail the King. And after all these years, seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Now two weeks since being released, in the world of the Two From The Vault series, the King Diamond two fers (Fatal Portrait & Abigail) stand atop the list sales-wise (though, it must be noted that this is a VERY, VERY tight list). Please make sure to check out our FREE SHIT section for your chance at Roadrunner history - classic Annihilator tour jacket from their 1990-1991 Never Neverland tour. Classic. Real Classic. And make sure to check out www.roadrun.com/roots for music from all the 2 From The Vault titles, and on The Best Of titles which just hit this week. Until then, this has been your history lesson for the day.