Stone Sour released their brand new album and third studio effort Audio Secrecy at the beginning of September, and the response has been amazing. Boasting the catchy single "Say You'll Haunt Me" and pummeling "Mission Statement," publications and radio stations everywhere have Stone Sour on their radar. And amongst them is Sound Sphere Magazine, who caught up with bassist Shawn Economaki to discuss the writing and recording of the new record. Check out an excerpt of the chat below and go right here to read the full feature.

Audio Secrecy is out now. Get your copy of the stunning new album at this location.

S] 'Audio Secrecy' represents hidden tones in music – do you feel like you have surprised yourselves with what you achieved on this record?

SE] When we set out to write and record this, we actually had no expectation of it, as with our previous albums - it’s always just been if we write the song and we like the song, we do it. We do feel though that we out-did ourselves with this one.


S] Do you think it’s your best record so far then?

SE] Absolutely. We were able to spend a little bit more time than we did on the previous record, and I think that shines through quite a bit. We spent two months on the production, and that was the first time the band has ever had that opportunity, so I think that helped tremendously.


S] You all wrote songs together and separately on this record – can you tell us how this approach makes life easier for you during the recording process?

SE] Well what happens is, while Jim [Root, rhythm guitar] and Corey [Taylor, vocals] are off doing Slipknot, Josh [Rand, guitar], Roy [Mayorga, drums] and myself would be in a different state. So, Josh, Roy and I had got together a few times and worked on some stuff and Corey and Jim did the same whilst they were touring. Then, when they got back from that last Slipknot album, we all put our collective ideas together and said ‘I like that one.’ We just worked on this, and everyone taught each other the parts that they’d done on their own, and just added their own layer to it. That's how we ended up with the songs that we have recorded.