Corey Taylor gave an exclusive interview to about the Dark Horse Comics adaptation of Stone Sour's two-part concept album, House of Gold & Bones. The first issue of the four-issue miniseries will hit comic stores on April 17 in the US, and will be available via and at Stone Sour shows.

Says Taylor, "I wanted a look that felt real, that gave depth to this crazy world I could see in my head but no one else could...Richard [Clark, the illustrator of the series] has that balance down so well -- it was what drew me to his artwork in the first place. I loved how he could re-imagine real people in a way that blends a portrait and a picture. That's what I wanted for this comic. I wanted this crazy place to feel real. I knew Richard was the perfect man for that job."

Comparing comics and music, Taylor says, "Both genres are fathomless when it comes to possibilities. But in music, you only really get the emotion of the singer or the music, which makes it hard if you're trying to convey the emotion in a scene. With comics, you get that snapshot of emotion: the looks on the faces, the color of the sky, the veins in people's necks, but you don't get the fluid feel of being in the moment, like film or music. I hope between the two, we'll be able to put these pieces together perfectly."

The article also includes thoughts from Clark about the comic and the collaborative process, and exclusive sneak peeks at the art. Read the whole thing!

Stone Sour's House of Gold & Bones Part 1 is available everywhere now - find it in your local Best Buy store, or grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!

The band will be on the road in North America beginning January 20; find a show near you!