Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by Front magazine in the UK, and portions of their conversation are online. He discusses fame, balancing two bands, Knotfest, and more.

Says Corey about his career overall, "It was never about the fame but about creating something with the best music, the best art and giving the best lyrics and best performances. Maybe that’s held me back from being as big as I could have been, but it’s worth it. I don’t care. When you put too much emphasis on that side of it, you’re either going to become a massive asshole that people just roll their eyes at, or your art will suffer. I’d rather walk the middle ground. I’d rather be the most famous person no one’s ever heard of, than be someone like Gene Simmons, because when you get to that level you’re not you anymore. You’re playing a part."

Regarding Knotfest, he says, "I can’t take a lot of credit for Knotfest, that was Clown’s baby. I showed up, did my part, high-fived people, sang… and went back to my bus. I was anxious about it though, because we want to take it to other countries. We’re in talks for next year, as long as we do it small and smart. There was a reason we only did two shows this year. If we’d tried to do it ten years ago, we’d have failed, because we’d have tried to do 25 giant shows with expensive flaming midgets."

He recently did back-to-back Slipknot and Stone Sour shows, something he doesn't expect to do again anytime soon: "We’ve never done both bands on the same day before, but we did Rock In Rio together, with Stone Sour playing the first night and Slipknot doing the second, and that was cool because I had all my bros there. I had enough time to recover, both shows kicked my ass, but being able to go back to the hotel helped."

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