Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor was interviewed by Australian writer Nick Snelling recently, and you can read the full transcript of their conversation on He discusses a variety of subjects, including bringing in Rachel Bolan to play bass on the band's new album House of Gold & Bones Part 1; getting Stone Sour songs performed on shows like American Idol; how to engage a celebrity in conversation when standing at the next urinal; and more.

Regarding Bolan, Taylor says, "Rachel was amazing. He came in and handled everything that we threw at him. And being a Skid Row fan, it was awesome to watch him jam. And he has used the same bass on everything that he’s ever recorded – so the same bass that was on Slave to the Grind and Subhuman Race and what-not was played on our album, so I was pretty fucking stoked, man."

Taylor says he doubts Stone Sour songs will ever get much play on televised singing competitions: "If I heard some kid on X-Factor orAmerican Idol singing 'RU486' I’d probably shit purple turds. It’d be pretty fucking sweet. There was one dude, in one of the older seasons, who during the try-out segment, y’know – when they show all the rejects and mentally ill where everybody watches just to see how bad some of these dudes really are – who launched into 'Come What(ever) May'… It was brutal. Like really bad. And I’m like, 'Woah, that’s unfortunate, right there.' It was hilarious and tragic at the same time.  And one time, they did ask permission to use 'Through Glass,' but I don’t think they ever used it."

When it comes to men's-room etiquette, he says simply, "I think, so long as you’re staring at a tile that is at least ten inches above the urinal, then you can strike up some friendly banter. But when you get into eye contact or anything other than that, I think that’s bad cricket."

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