Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by Noisecreep about the new Stone Sour album, House of Gold & Bones Part 2 (available everywhere April 9), but he also discussed seeing Slipknot in Iowa before he joined the group.

Says Corey, "I went to see a Slipknot show in Iowa. This was two years before I joined the band. Stone Sour was playing the next night and so we went to see Slipknot and I never really had that kind of feeling before; of seeing a band with that kind of energy. They just marched up through the crowd and then I said to myself, that's the band that I want to sing in. So think about it. How many people get to go see a band that's like their favorite band in the world, and then soon after that they find themselves being the lead singer? It's the fucking coolest thing in the world and I'm glad you asked about that because it's good for me to remember what it was like back in the day when I first saw Slipknot. I mean it's weird, I'm still a fan of the band from when I saw them back then, and just look at what happened."

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