Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor was interviewed on Full Metal Jackie's radio show this past weekend, and you can check out the transcript on Loudwire. A couple of excerpts:

"The great thing about being able to do something as long as I’ve been able to is that you learn from the stuff you’ve done before, and when you get away with as much as I’ve been able to, you know, you just get really used to taking risks, you know? And I don’t think a lot of artists get to do that. I think they get pigeonholed, and it seems like they’re stuck in a rut where they have to keep writing the same stuff over and over and over. And I think with both Slipknot and with Stone Sour we set the tone where we let people know right out of the gate that don’t get used to what you’re hearing, because it’s going to change. We’ve always tried to push the boundaries and really change the style that we try and we’ve taken risks, and I think that’s paid off for the fact that after, God, what was it, 16 years, I’ve been able to do this professionally, people still keep listening."

"I only sit down and write lyrics when I feel that inspiration coming on. It may take a little longer but it definitely feels better. I’ve had to really teach myself that when you’re not feeling it, you shouldn’t write anything down because you’re going to end up coming back and re-writing it later. Whereas, if you write when you’re feeling something, when you’re really in the streak, then that’s when you’re going to get your best stuff. I’ve had to really make myself, give myself timeouts and get away from stuff, keep myself entertained."

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