Stone Sour is tentatively scheduled to enter the studio in January to begin recording its third album for a 2010 release via Roadrunner Records.

Drummer Roy Mayorga says, "It's been quite some time since we all got in a room together so, we're all looking forward to get down and jam starting December for two weeks before the holidays and then continue on starting January-April 2010. We have a catalog of songs to go through and from what I've been hearing from the others (vocalist Corey Taylor, guitarist Jim Root, guitarist Josh Rand and bassist Shawn Economaki), it's sounding very different from the last record in every way now that there are five writers, including myself. Some songs are heavy, dark, melodic and with a lot of color. A very well-rounded record this is going to be. We're all super-excited to get going on this and can't wait to unleash this monster of a record on you all!"

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