Stone Sour released their highly anticipated 3rd studio album Audio Secrecy on September 7th, and to celebrate, we sat down frontman Corey Taylor and picked his brain on the ins and outs of each track that makes up the 14-song-stunner.

In part 1 we got some insight into how the first three tracks came together. Part 2 revealed what's behind the next few, including lead single "Say You'll Haunt Me," while part 3 gave us the cool tales of how lyrics were written, and how songs like "Hesitate" came together in the studio.  Now in part 4 below, we've got Taylor telling us all about the fun track with the deep message "Nylon 6/6," the melancholy undertones of "Miracles" and how "Pieces" was born three years ago, but didn't see life until it was brought into Blackbird Studios earlier this year. Watch it now, and stay tuned for the 5th and final part of this video series coming tomorrow.

If you haven't done so already, get your copy of the amazing album Audio Secrecy through the Roadrunner Store here, or via iTunes right here.