Stone Sour just released their highly anticipated 3rd studio album Audio Secrecy last week, and this week, we've got frontman Corey Taylor on hand to take you track-by-track through what is currently the #6 album in the country

For those who already own the amazing album, this will give you some added insight into the tracks that are currently blowing your mind- how they came together in the studio, and the meanings behind the lyrics. For those of you yet to pick it up, follow our five-part video series and see what you're missing out on!

In part one below, Corey explains the instrumental opener and title-track "Audio Secrecy" as well as "Mission Statement" and "Digital (Did You Tell)." Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

Looking to get your copy of Audio Secrecy? Get it through the Roadrunner Store here, or check iTunes right here.