Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor is passionate about his band's 3rd studio effort Audio Secrecy. While talking to, Taylor explains a little more about why. From his autobiographical lyrics to the introspective passages in more poignant songs like "Hesitate" and "Say You'll Haunt Me," alongside aggressive tracks like "Mission Statement," Taylor and his band - guitarists Josh Rand and James Root, bassist Shawn Economaki and drummer Roy Mayorga -- have something for everyone. Check out an excerpt of the in depth interview below to learn more about it, and go right here to read the full feature.

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It's been four years since Come What(ever) May. How does it feel to be focused in the mindset of Stone Sour?
Oh dude, I'm stoked, I'm stoked, you know? I mean, we put a lot of time and a lot of effort in the new album and it sounds fantastic. So that, just bleeds into every day when we're on the road, we're getting to go out and play for all these people. It's fantastic, man! It's a good feeling, it's good to see just all the good vibes and see everybody react to the new stuff and sing along to the old stuff. It's a good feeling. 
Where did the inspiration for the lyrics of Audio Secrecy come from?
Basically it's a road map of the last five years of my life. I went through some tremendous changes in my life which, all for the good basically, you know? I went from a dark relationship to meeting my wife, my new wife, in five years. And it was all sort of a rollercoaster ride and it went down on paper and it all came out, just talking about various things, you know? All the things I've seen in the last five years. When you've got a life like mine, it comes pretty easily [laughs]. 
Two tracks that I really enjoyed off Audio Secrecy were 'Digital (Did You Tell)' and 'Say You'll Haunt Me'. Side by side, these are two very different tracks. Are you at all worried that this difference in sounds in one album might alienate some fans?
No, no! Absolutely not! As a musician and a writer, you don't want to play the one note wonder, you don't want to repeat yourself musically because then you're not making music anymore, you're selling out to hamburgers, you know? So, to me, the exciting thing for me, especially in Stone Sour is that we write what we want! We start with our taste first and we go from there. And that's the wonderful thing about it. We're not trying to cater to a fan base, we're trying to share something from our heart with the fan base. And if people aren't into it, they're not into it! At the end of the day, we have to be happy with the music. If we write an album we don't like, then we're stuck with an album [laughs] we don't like! You gotta love your music first before you can share it with the rest of the world. If that that turns off some people, that they think it's not heavy enough, well you're obviously not listening to it in the right headspace. I'm not worried about it. I think people will really gonna dig this album.