Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand recently participated in IHeartRadio's Guest DJ program, setting up a Stone Sour "station" featuring some of the band's favorite songs that you can listen to right now!

Josh also put together a Top Ten metal and hard rock list for the site, which includes:


Metallica, "Orion" - "This track was everything about Cliff [Burton] that was special. His incredible sense of melody cut through the heaviness, even adding to it in a way. It’s probably the quintessential Cliff moment actually."

Dream Theater, "Pull Me Under" - "A landmark track that served as an introduction to a new subgenre – combining heavy with another level of musicianship. This band went on to be one of the defining bands in the prog-metal world and one of my favorite bands! This is one of those rare bands that keeps getting better and stronger – I can’t wait to hear the new one!"

Slayer, "South of Heaven" - "After taking fast as far as they could, Slayer's answer was to slow it down on this album – without losing an ounce of their aggression. Amazing groove. It was really the only place they could go and it showed they could be just as heavy while slowing down. I listen to this song right before going on stage to get fired up."

Read the full Top Ten here!