EMG Pickups has put together a killer giveaway - in exchange for liking their page on Facebook, you can enter to win Slipknot and Stone Sour guitarist Jim Root's entire rig, which includes:

- a Jim Root signature Fender Telecaster guitar;
- a Jim Root signature Terror head;
- a Jim Root signature 2x12 cab;
- an MXR Carbon Copy delay pedal;
- an MXR Micro Chorus pedal;
- a Dunlop Hendrix Octavio pedal;
- a Dunlop Rotovibe pedal;
- a Dunlop Hendrix Cry Baby pedal;
- a pack of 12 Dunlop strings; and
- a pack of 72 Tortex TIII picks!

The contest ends September 18, so visit EMG on Facebook to enter, and good luck!