When Stone Sour are scheduled to perform live on Halloween, frontman Corey Taylor is definitely going to come out in costume. And no one learned that lesson better than the crowd at London Hammersmith Apollo this past October 31st.
Rocksound was on hand to snap some photos of Taylor in (spoiler!) drag, and to round out their best of 2010 feature, the British music mag also caught up with Taylor to discuss his favorite tour moments of the year.
"“Now this is a hard question, because Download 2010 was off the wall." explains Corey. "But I also just played a sold out show in front of 13,000 people in Birmingham where we closed the night, and everyone sang so loudly that my in-ear monitor wasn’t working. I couldn’t hear myself, I was like ‘Is it broken?’ I couldn’t hear myself, and that was from the sheer volume of the audience. And the whole run we’ve done with Avenged Sevenfold has been fantastic. I mean Glasgow and Manchester, they were rammed! Somebody threw a shoe at my face [in Manchester], and I caught it in Matrix mode and threw it back. It was fun and I’ve been blessed with a lot of great shows this year.”
Read what else he had to say right here, and check out some of the photos below.