Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga talks about his 2011 stroke, and coming back to playing after recovering, in a new interview in the Morning Call.

Says Roy, "It was pretty scary. I couldn't walk, I couldn't really move my left side really well. It was horrible. I basically was not playing or doing anything music for a good seven, eight months. And then I got better, I got off the meds, and got the confidence again to play drums and got behind the kit and then started recording this new album."

Mayorga, who joined Stone Sour during the recording of Come What(ever) May, talks about the band's new record House of Gold & Bones, too, saying, "We all wrote everything together and we all brought songs individually to the table, but once we got them all, we just took them all apart and put them back together again and each and every one of us put our own stamp on it. That's what, I think, makes this record even more than the other records. Everyone has a shining moment on this record."

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