Porcupine Tree mainman Steven Wilson, who's also 1/2 of Storm Corrosion alongside Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt, gave an interview to France's Radio Metal recently, in which he discussed the collaboration in detail.

Seemingly eager to dispel certain illusions about the motivation behind the project, Wilson said, "I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings about this: we were not reacting against metal at all. Metal was the furthest thing away from our minds. I haven’t listened to metal for many years, and Mikael is the same. When it comes to the music we listen to and that we love, it’s not metal, and it hasn’t been for many years. So it’s not like we set out saying: “You know what? Let’s really piss off the metal fans! Let’s do something really anti-metal!” It really wasn’t like that. It was more that we simply relied on our musical instincts."

He also confirms something Mikael told us in an exclusive interview in May, that Storm Corrosion is unlikely to ever be a live band: "I think, maybe, if we get to the point where we make a second record, we might think about it. But right now, I’m on tour with my solo album, and Mikael’s on tour with Opeth for most of the rest of this year. So it wouldn’t be possible anyway. And also, I’m not sure how we would do it. I’m not sure what line-up of musicians could recreate this music live. You heard it, so you know it’s very fragile, orchestrated music. I’m not sure how we would do that in a live context."

There's a lot more, including the story behind the band's awesome "Drag Ropes" video (visible above), so read the whole thing!

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