November 18, 1996 marked the release date for the commercial release The Roots Of Sepultura, a double cd (36 tracks total) which was released in Europe ONLY! Well, that same year, there was a The Roots Of Sepultura US version. However, this was a promotional item which was never put out for sale. This US promo disc contains 16 tracks (including some rarities) which illustrated the growth of Sepultura up to that point. Now, it is here for you to listen, in the form of a 64 minute Real Audio file. Simply click HERE or go to Sepultura's MUSIC section to hear it all...enjoy the sounds amongst your travels on our site. For your reading whist listening to this, here is the copy from the packaging, written by the man who signed Sepultura, Monte Conner: THE ROOTS OF SEPULTURA Like any cutting-edge band, Sepultura are expected to reinvent themselves with each release, always pushing the boundaries, coming up with exciting, new sounds, and showing the rest of the world where heavy music is headed. The cd you hold (are listening to), The Roots of Sepultura, is perhaps the best example of this, as it chronologically contains all of Sepultura's best known songs from 1985-1994 (as well as some great rarities we've dug up), and clearly illustrates the tremendous growth this band has made from one record to the next. This collection opens with the primitive "Necromancer" from Sepultura's debut EP Bestial Devastation (which was tagged onto the end of the U.S. release of their first LP Morbid Visions), a song that sounds very little like the Sepultura you know today. Moving along to "Troops Of Doom", from the 2nd LP Schizophrenia, we see the band's first huge step forward in the terms of musicianship and professionalism. Guitarist Andreas Kisser joined the band and his presence helped Sepultura perfect their skill and hone in on their style. This record, which led to the band's deal with Roadrunner, showed the promise of what was to come. And come it did (!), in the form of Beneath The Remains, the band's Roadrunner debut and first worldwide release. This was Sepultura's breakthrough album, clearly excelling Schizophrenia in all possible areas. It is still regarded as one of the essential classic thrash/speed metal LPs of the 80's. Quite simply, it does not get any more relentless, precise and punishing than this record! Next came the band's fourth LP, Arise. Although not a huge difference from Beneath The Remains, the pace is a bit slower, the songs are more memorable, and Max's voice is much more developed and powerful, and for the first time you really hear his identity and feel his conviction. Although hardcore Sep fans will argue the point, most consider Arise to be the band's classic record. Two years later, the mighty Chaos A.D. (considered to be Sepultura's overall best record) reared its ugly head and this time the progress was once again much more evident. The songs were again slower, but this time meatier and more focused. The production was more defined, and Max's vocals never sounded more intense and full. In addition, the band started incorporating some of their Brazilian Heritage into their music and lyrics (this would later be developed much further on the Roots LP). Which brings us to the present and to the release of the band's undoubtedly finest hour, Roots. Suffice to say that this time the band have really risen to the challenge and have taken the boldest step forward in their career, literally redefining their entire sound. When listening to Roots, one can only wonder "where the hell are these guys headed next?" -Monte Conner, Roadrunner Records, January '96 Speaking of where they are headed next, I just noticed that some advance copies of their upcoming NATION LP have just arrived! Stay tuned, there is much more to come... In the meantime, enjoy The Roots of Sepultura.