This week we take a break from the usual Wednesday Streaming Session Of The Week. Yes, you will still hear music, however this week's presentation comes in the form of a download. Today (04/04) marked the day that the ANYONE advance cd's were delivered to the Roadrunner office. What is an advance cd? It is a full length disc of the final recordings for an upcoming album (well, not always the final, final recordings, songs, or mixes, but usually close enough) without any artwork. The ANYONE advance that was received today contains 16 tracks which will serve as many people's first introduction to the band that is "destined to become one of the most original heavy bands." With that in mind, we invite you to check out one of the tracks off their upcoming June 19th self titled release - the track is called "Whole World's Insane". For those of you who will be listening to ANYONE for the first time, realize that there are many more pieces to fill the puzzle. For now, concentrate on this... The song can be found in ANYONE's Music Section.