This week's Streaming Session Of The Week takes us to Sepultura's NATION. On their latest LP which was released on March 20th, the jewel box version released here in the U.S. contained 15 tracks. Well, over in Europe there was a digipak version which featured 20 tracks. The 5 track difference? You are about to hear them now. The five extra tracks released in Europe, but not here in the states are as follows - "Bela Lugosi's Dead" - a cover of a track originally done by Bauhaus (one of the originators of goth rock). "Rise Above" - a cover of a track originally done by Black Flag (we presume that no introduction on this band is needed). "Revolt" (demo) - a demo from early in the NATION writing process. Note, this is actually a demo of the song "SAGA" (which will be track #9 on NATION). It has nothing in common with what will be track #2 on NATION, another song by the name of "Revolt". "Roots Bloody Roots" - LIVE! Recorded at a show during this past summer's Tattoo The Earth Festival. and last, but certainly NOT least... "Annihilation" - This is a cover of a song originally done by Crucufix, and a track that actually features ILL NINO vocalist Cristian Machado. Without further banter, we invite you to check out the 15 minutes and 12 secs that were not released in the U.S....just check out the MUSIC SECTION.