This week's Streaming Session Of The Week goes out to a fan who sent us an email wondering what the story was with us getting some new MP3's on the site...not streaming files, but MP3's. Well, if you are reading this, this goes out to you... Today we present 5 MP3's to the Roadrunner site - 1 brand new track, and 4 classics. They are as follows: Deicide "In Torment In Hell" - this is your first taste of the new Deicide. And yes, this is the title track from their upcoming release. This track was hand picked by Marketing Matt, because as he tells, "it's the most melodic Deicide track I've ever heard. I can't stop humming it to myself." Enjoy! Machine Head "Ten Ton Hammer" - with the earlier news posting of the Supercharger cover being approved, it is only fitting that we bring out some Machine Head music. Since we don't have anything new to give you just yet, we bring out this classic track from their The More Things Change... release. In fact, it can be considered a crime that it wasn't up on the site before. Type O Negative "Summer Breeze" - if we are speaking of bringing out classic Roadrunner music, something from TON's Bloody Kisses release is a must. And what better track to get you through these hot summer months, than TON's cover of Seals and Croft's "Summer Breeze". Life Of Agony "River Runs Red" - same explanation for bringing out a Bloody Kisses track hold true here. This is the title track off Life Of Agony's debut release, River Runs Red. Brutal song! Hey, did you know that this release was produced by TON's Josh Silver? It's true! Brujeria "Chinga Tu Madre" - what can we say about this band that we actually know, and won't incriminate ourselves in the process? With that in mind, no further introduction is allowed...except, if you are under 18 years of age, DO NOT translate the title of this song. we hope you enjoy the above 5 selections for this week's Streaming Session Of The Week...yes, the streaming part is a can thank the cat mentioned at the top of the story for this infusion of downloads to the site. All new material can be found in the MUSIC section under DOWNLOADS.